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Soul of Chogokin GX-48: the Big O

bought this recently from amazon.

Well let’s see where should I start. The figure is part-plastic part metal. The detail and painting is really amazing, there’s a ‘garage’ for Roger’s Griffon located on both of its feet (not included in the box unfortunately), you can extend the neck until it covers the head and see how the cockpit is thoroughly sculpted and painted for its scale. The figure itself is included with many, but not all weapons not excluding its signature Sudden Impact, Missile Party, and Cannon Party. You can make it strike the Chrome Buster pose too. There are also Mobydick Anchors attached to the hips, however they didn’t come with any chains. The articulations of this figure is great, it can do a lot of poses sans the extreme ones and don’t even think of making it do some jojo poses or you’ll be sorry later. The leg joints can be extended further to enable it do more flexible poses and thanks to its wide and flat legs, the figurine is pretty stable.

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